The maintenance tips for lighting are revealed, are you doing it right?

Lighting is also a lamp. In modern times, it is a very common household appliance. There is electricity and there is a lamp. The lighting will inevitably be damaged in the use of many years. To have a long service life of lamps, maintenance is very important. Today's article will focus on explaining how to properly maintain lamps, as well as maintenance tips for lamps. I hope you take notes carefully and put them into practice.

Step 1: Install the lampshade when installing the lamp

Before installing lamps and lanterns, you must think long-term. There will be dust in the space at all times, and lamps will absorb more dust. On the basis of not having a great impact on the appearance of lamps, you must install lamp shades. It can effectively block external pollution. In addition, there are two special places that require different protective measures, that is, the bathroom and the kitchen. The water vapor in the bathroom is too heavy, so we must pay attention to protecting the lamps and lanterns. Once the electrical appliances are exposed to water, they will basically be useless, so we must install the moisture-proof lampshade. Take ventilation measures inside. The kitchen fumes are heavy. If you do not protect the lamps and lanterns from the fumes, you will be powerless to clean them in the future.

Step 2: Apply the correct cleaning method

This step is the most critical step in the maintenance of lighting tips, because installing the lampshade is not a once and for all thing, and dust and oil fume cannot be completely isolated, so the daily cleaning of lamps is particularly important. Generally speaking, it is safer to use a dry cloth for lighting cleaning, but for non-metallic lighting, we can use a damp cloth to clean it, provided that follow-up drying measures are taken, and the structure of the lamp should not be changed during the cleaning process, it can be disassembled Clean, but be sure to remember the order of installation. Daily cleaning does not require special cleaning fluid. If it is really dirty, you must use special cleaning fluid to ensure that the lamps are not damaged.

Step 3: Find out the aging of lamps in time and replace them in time

Lamps are easy to age. If they are not discovered in time, there will be bigger problems. Many people don’t take lamp aging seriously and think it’s fine. In fact, lamp aging is an early warning before lamp problems occur. If it is replaced, the ballast will be burnt out, not to mention whether there will be any problems with the entire lamp. For people, this is also a big safety hazard.

Step 4: Don't switch the lights on and off frequently

This step is the simplest step in the maintenance tips of the whole lighting. It can be said that it is a problem of behavior. "Turn off the light" is actually not energy-saving. Turning it on and off is a waste of electricity, and it will cause a lot of damage to the lamps. If it is turned on frequently, the temperature of the filament will rise sharply, which will accelerate the sublimation speed, and the service life will naturally be greatly shortened.

There are only 4 simple steps in the maintenance of lighting, and it is not difficult to operate, but they are all coherent. That is to say, if you connect one step at a time, and no step is missed, it will not achieve a good maintenance effect. The lamps and lanterns continue to maintain the level of "high value", and everyone needs to be serious.

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