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Doubletree Hilton longhua shenzhen


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  • Doubletree Hilton longhua shenzhen is located in the business center of longhua district.Close to shenzhen north railway station and metro line 4, it connects Hong Kong, Macao and the pearl river delta region seamlessly


    .The guest rooms are comfortable and elegant, the restaurant is elegant, the fitness club is well equipped and the meeting facilities are complete.With more than 7 banquet and meeting room composed of flexible meeting space, guest room design unique style.


    A charming chandelier in the center of the lobby adds luxurious atmosphere and creates a comfortable light environment.Rest area as a short rest and waiting place, need to meet the basic lighting, but also need to hold lighting art, so that customers in the cheerful atmosphere to reduce waiting for the fidgety.The lighting of the lobby desk should not only meet the requirements of the work, avoiding glare, but also highlight the decoration style of high light, so that customers can understand the overall style of the hotel.For this, Mission’s stylist builds warmth, comfortable light environment with concealed illuminative gimmick.Around the lobby, Mission’s designer uses a large number of LED light strips to add a sense of hierarchy and achieve the effect of open space.Every part of the lobby has the right lighting to shape the style and taste of the hotel.The guest room is the core of the hotel, the guest room lighting pay attention to the operation of convenience and light environment warm, comfortable.According to Mission’s decoration style of the guest room, uniform light spot and simple lamps are adopted to lighten the room decoration and relax the customers.


    In Mission terms of lighting design, Mission’s designer visits the project on the spot to study the hotel's architectural style, material attributes, decoration and other contents. Combining with the hotel's positioning and characteristics, the designer develops a set of safe, energy-saving, convenient operation and positioning lighting scheme to help the sustainable development of the hotel.

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