MS-20 MT

This product adopts imported LED chip with high light efficiency, high performance, high life, consistent light color and integrated package. Heating dissipation material adopts imported aluminum profile with high thermal conductivity, combined with scientific heating dissipation structure, which doubles the product heating dissipation function and gives perfect play to the heating dissipation effect. The optical reflector adopts excellent optical design and the imported LED chip to make the product perfect in light effect and color effect.This part of the interpretation of the soul of the design, so that the product is among the high-end products. The product structure and functions increase the control of glare on the human body: the normal field of vision is 30° above the horizontal, and we do not want strong light in this area.While the vertical tilt of 90° and horizontal rotation of 355°( Except Pendant Light) can make the product suitable for different Angle switching in the site, which is convenient for adjusting and using. Deep energy saving in management, no need to replace the light source frequently, reduce maintenance costs. Mission lighting product is a lamp that can really replace the application of indoor key lighting, especialngly suitable for commercial lighting scenes (shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, clubs, offices, meeting rooms, etc.). Minimalism, functionality and versatility are the key terms to describe this extensive collection. The Mission was designed to meet multiple lighting requirements, an ideal solution for accent lighting in residential or commercial spaces.