Knowing the skills, you can clean the lamps at home by yourself

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and it is another day for family reunion. Relatives gather together and enjoy the joy of family reunion. In order to let relatives live in a bright, comfortable and warm home, cleanliness is of course essential, and the most important thing is to let the family live. The headache for housewives is the cleaning of lamps. Over the years, thick dust or oil has accumulated on the lamps, which affects the lighting and also affects its appearance.

Among the lamps, the lamps in the kitchen are oily, and the lamps in the living room are relatively large, so it is very troublesome to clean. At the same time, because they are all hung on the roof, it is extremely inconvenient to disassemble, so it is recommended to use light-colored cotton socks when cleaning. Or turn the double-layered bath towel over and put it on your hand and wipe it gently.

Considering that the lamp in the kitchen is oily, you can pour the detergent on the cotton socks, and then wipe them with clean old cotton socks again.

Among the living room lamps, crystal chandeliers are the most difficult and complicated to clean. Therefore, when cleaning, you can also use a soft cotton cloth dipped in water diluted with detergent to scrub one by one. When wiping, do not pinch the crystal beads and pull them down to avoid the thread breaking.

Cleaning Tips for Different Lampshades

1. Cleaning of plastic and metal lampshades: Use a wrung rag to add all-purpose cleaner to wipe the dirt, and then change the rag to wipe off the remaining detergent ingredients.

2. Cleaning the acrylic lampshade: Gently brush off the dust with a soft cloth such as flannel.

3. Cleaning of cloth and paper lampshades: First, remove the dust with an anti-static duster, and then wipe the dirt with a dry rag.

Fourth, when encountering such lampshades that are prone to static electricity, here is a little trick: pour about one beer bottle cap of edible vinegar into half a basin of water and mix thoroughly, soak a rag in it, wring it dry and wipe the lamps. In this way, the wiped lamps are not only bright, but also won't generate static electricity, and are not easy to get dust.

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