Lamp cleaning and maintenance skills

Proper setting of lighting equipment is a prerequisite for improving the life of lighting equipment. If the installation cannot be carried out in time, it is likely to cause the collapse of the lighting equipment, resulting in serious consequences. At home, special attention should be paid to the setting of bathrooms and kitchen utensils. Also, don't put the chandelier in a damp room, which will knock the chandelier off.

Section 1 Cleaning of frosted glass lighting equipment

Use a soft cotton cloth suitable for cleaning and wipe carefully, or use a soft cotton cloth dampened with toothpaste to wipe. Uneven parts can be wrapped with a soft cloth or cleaned with a toothpick.

Cleaning of the second cloth lamps

Use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt, then pour cleaning solution or household cleaning products into a cloth and replace it. If the inside of the light box is made of paper, try not to use cleaning agents to avoid damage.

Cleaning of the third crystal beaded lighting equipment

The hand is fine and it is very laborious to clean. If crystal beads and metal are used, they can be cleaned directly with sterile detergent. After cleaning, let it dry on the ground. If you use silk rope to string the crystals together, please do not soak the silk rope, you can wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with neutral detergent. First wipe off the dust on the metal light stand, then wipe it off with cotton dipped in some toothpaste.

Article 4 Cleaning of pleated lamps

After dampening with cotton, wipe slowly and slowly, if there is any stain, you can use a neutral cleaning solution.

Section 5 Cleaning of resin lamps

Wipe with chemical fiber cloth or special cloth. Since plastic products are easy to cause static electricity, antistatic spray should be sprayed after cleaning.

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