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What is a mirror headlight? The editor will first give you the definition of a mirror headlight.

The mirror headlight is the light above the vanity mirror and the light above the bathroom mirror. In most cases, it refers to the light fixed on the mirror, which can illuminate the person looking in the mirror and make it easier for the person looking in the mirror to see themselves clearly.

1. Maintenance of mirror headlights

For the mirror headlights installed in toilets and bathrooms, it is necessary to install a moisture-proof lampshade outside the lamps. This is because the humidity in the toilets and bathrooms is high, and the lamps are easily affected by moisture and affect the service life.

In addition, it is not appropriate to hang items on the lamp or bake clothes, which will cause safety accidents.

How to clean and maintain the mirror headlights when you go out

Usually, the mirror headlights should be wiped with a dry cloth on a regular basis. On days with high air humidity, special attention should be paid to moisture-proof. You may wish to place a dehumidifier at home to adjust the indoor humidity.

After cleaning the mirror headlights, the lamps and lanterns should be installed as they are, and the parts of the lamps and lanterns should not be missed or wrongly installed.

If the mirror headlight at home is used for a long time, you need to check the color change of the lamp tube to determine whether the lamp is aging, and it should be replaced when it is aging to ensure safety.

2. Different parts of cleaning mirror headlights are treated differently

Before cleaning the mirror headlight, cut off the power supply first. When cleaning the lampshade, you should use a soft dry cloth to wipe it, or you can use a dry cleaner to clean it. If the bulb needs to be removed first, then wipe it.

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. Pour vinegar into water, soak a rag in it for a while, and then wring it out to wipe the lamps. It will have a good effect.

A point that needs special attention is that there are some chemical substances in the lamp tube that are prone to chemical reactions with water, so special attention should be paid not to get wet when cleaning, in order to prevent the lamp from rusting and damage or leakage and short circuit.

At any time, as long as the lamp is stained with water, it must be dried or wiped dry before it can be used. When the light bulb reaches a certain temperature, it will easily burst when exposed to water, which is very dangerous.

3. Buy mirror headlights with quality assurance

Generally speaking, if the mirror headlights at home are used for too long or are aging, they need to be replaced in time.

How can I buy a mirror headlight with better quality? First of all, carefully observe the workmanship of the mirror headlight to see if there are scratches or damage, and switch the mirror headlight on the spot to try the effect and see how the color looks like. , it is best to buy the mirror headlights of the assured brand in order to get better after-sales service.

The second is to look at the light source of the mirror headlight to see how the color temperature is. This test can be done by placing the mirror headlight in a darker place.

The most important thing is to look at the ballast of the mirror headlight, which is the core component of the mirror headlight. In general, the ballast produced by a regular manufacturer is more quality guaranteed.