Do a good job in lighting maintenance to make your home sparkle!

Five tips for lamp maintenance. The lamps in our home will have problems of one kind or another after a long time. At this moment, we must pay attention to the maintenance of lamps and lanterns in order to make lamps durable. So the following small series will introduce five tips for you to maintain lamps and lanterns.

The lamps in the room should be wiped with a dry cloth frequently, and attention should be paid to prevent moisture intrusion; lamps installed in toilets and bathrooms must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades, otherwise the service life will be greatly shortened; lamps installed in the kitchen should pay special attention to preventing oil fume, because grease The accumulation of light will affect the illumination of the lamp; the light-colored lampshade has better light transmittance, but it is easy to stick to dust, so it should be wiped diligently so as not to affect the penetration of light; if the lamp is non-metallic, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation , which hinders the lighting effect.

During cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of the lamp, nor to replace the parts of the lamp casually. After the cleaning and maintenance is completed, the lamp should be installed as it is, and do not miss or wrongly install the parts of the lamp; try not to use the lamp. Frequent switching, because the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation at the moment when the lamp is frequently started, causing the temperature of the filament to rise sharply to accelerate the sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, so try to reduce the switch of the lamp as much as possible.

Light-colored lamp housings have good light transmittance, but are very easy to stick to dust. Diligent scrubbing is required to prevent damage to the transmittance of the light source; if the lamps are non-metallic materials, they can be wiped with a damp rag to accumulate dust and dirt to prevent obstruction. Actual lighting effects. It is specially reminded that the humidity and cold will easily cause the lamps to rust and paint, and will continue to reduce the service life of the lamps. Therefore, waterproofing is the root of lighting maintenance, especially the lamps in toilets, shower rooms and the headlights of kitchens in restaurants, all need to install waterproof lamp covers to avoid moisture intrusion, rust damage or power outage. Short circuit fault.

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