How should the living room ceiling lamp be cleaned and maintained?

Living room ceiling lamp purchase knowledge

First, pay attention to the light transmission of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, you should choose a uniform material. It is best not to choose a lampshade with poor light transmission, which will affect the light.

Second, pay attention to the safety of ceiling lamps. When purchasing, you should choose materials that are not easily damaged. It is best not to choose ceiling lamps with glass covers. We can not blindly greedy for cheap, we must first check whether the certificate and warranty are complete. Although the most expensive is not necessarily the best, too cheap must be bad. Many living room lights with poor quality often have potential safety hazards.

Third, in the selection of lamps in the living room, we must pay attention to the same style. The shape, color and style of lamps and lanterns should be commensurate with the style of indoor furniture and decoration. Gorgeous living room lights are not only not icing on the cake, but also easy to superfluous. In addition to commensurate with the interior decoration, the choice of color must also consider personal preferences.

Fourth, pay attention to the durability of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, you should choose a high-quality lamp tube. The poor-quality lamp tube is easy to turn black, which not only affects the lighting effect of the lamp but also affects the service life of the lamp.

Fifth, the styles of living room lamps are emerging in an endless stream. Before buying a living room ceiling lamp, it is best to understand the development trend first, so as to avoid being eliminated soon after buying it. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to the inspection. Lamps are fragile products, and it is inevitable that they will be damaged and scratched during transportation. However, the lamps are hung in an obvious position in the home, and sometimes a little damage will affect the overall effect. . The last thing is to do what you can and decide what brand and style of living room lamp to buy according to your actual budget.

Cleaning of living room ceiling lamps

1. If you want to clean the ceiling lamp by yourself, you must have two people to cooperate, turn off the power first, and be careful not to wipe the lamp holder with a damp cloth, which is easy to cause leakage.

2. When scrubbing the ceiling lamp, you should put light-colored cotton socks or cotton gloves on your hands, gently wipe the lamp, and do not move the parts inside the lamp at will.

3. Cleaning the lampshade can be carried out according to the material. If it is glass, it can be carefully scrubbed with a small soft cloth, or cleaned with toothpaste. If it is a crystal lampshade, it can be cleaned with a neutral detergent.

4. To clean the dirt on the lamp holder, you can first remove the dust on the surface, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste, do not let moisture stay on the lamp holder.

Maintenance of living room ceiling lamps

1. Pay attention to the indoor temperature, especially the crystal ceiling lamp. A specific ambient temperature is often specified. Too high or too low temperature will affect its life, so keep the temperature appropriate.

2. When installing the ceiling lamp, the roof of the home should be considered. If it is a masonry roof, it should be fixed with embedded bolts, or with expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, etc., and wooden wedges cannot be used. Usually don't hang too many decorations on the lamp, otherwise it will fall and hurt people if it exceeds the carrying capacity.

3. The lamps should be checked regularly. If the lamp feet are in poor contact or the starter is loose, they should be re-installed and adjusted in time.

4. Although the ceiling light is close to the ceiling, some electromagnetic reactions will still absorb dust in the air when the light is turned on. Lights can also attract mosquitoes to the lampshade, so remember to keep your home clean and clean your lamps to prevent them from dimming.

5. Be careful not to let hard objects touch the lamp, otherwise the surface of the lamp will be easily scratched, and the lamp body will be broken in serious cases. If you want to move the light, keep your balance and be careful not to let the ceiling light fall to one side.

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